Mind Body Corazón Blog


Bienvenidxs to the Mind Body Corazón Blog!

Estoy emocionada de compartir este espacio con ustedes. The purpose of Mind Body Corazón is to support Latinx & BIPOC communities to reclaim alegria, healing and overall wellbeing. I want us to push beyond de-stigmatizing and rather embrace holistic wellness, which includes mental health. As a counseling psychologist, I know the power of prevention and when we tend to ourselves, we are tending to our families, our communities and are actively instilling wellness. Similarly, I want to transcend the notion of compartmentalizing mental health and address ALL that makes us human including the embodiment of Spirit/God/Creator/a high power that is sacred to you.

I am a creative at heart and what’s missing from my professional life is the creative side. As a psychologist, I know that deep healing can happen through many avenues. For instance, cooking for me is very healing-I reconnect with memories, family, ancestors and culture through smell and taste in ways that that using my left brain does not facilitate. This blog will be a reflection of everything that encompasses mind, body, spirit and heart healing. This includes healing through therapy, self-discovery, spiritual practices, creating, cooking and everything that life has to offer.

This is truly more than a blog for me; it’s a portal through which the voices of my ancestors, my current family, communities and the voices of those that have passed on to the spirit world can come together. All in all, this blog is to support, uplift and have a voice and share aspects of my journey as a Chicana feminist/womanist going through mamihood, reconnecting with ancestral wisdom and actively engaging in decolonial work with myself, family and professional life.

Mind Body Corazon will center Latinx and more broadly Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) and is an inclusive and welcoming space for our LGBT siblings. Hope you visit often.

Wishing you wellness in mind, body, corazón.

Dr. Susana

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