Your First Appointment

Seeking support can sometimes feel daunting as you try to quiet the negative chatter in your head telling you that you can deal with this ___(fill in the blank) on your own. The cultural messages of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps, or just get through it, aguantar (to tolerate), can get pretty loud.

Once you get past the chatter, and you contact a psychologist there is sometimes a new set of emotions. Most people experience a mixture of anxiety, desperation and hope after reaching out to a psychologist for the first time. You are not alone. It can be helpful to have a sense of what to expect before you talk with a psychologist for the first time. Below is some information to help ease some of your anxiety about your first appointment.

No-Cost 15-Minute Consultation

I offer a no cost 15-minute phone consultation. This is an opportunity for you to get a sense of how I work, who I am as a psychologist and for us to determine whether we are a good fit. We will briefly address why you are seeking therapy and discuss frequency, availability and fees for services.

First Therapy Appointment

Congrats on taking the first step to grow and become a better version of yourself. After you and I have talked over the phone I will send you an “Intake Packet” which consists of forms that will orient you to the process of therapy. You must bring the completed forms to your first appointment.

The first appointment is referred to as an “Intake.” During the intake I will collect information about who you are as a person, inquire about why you are seeking therapy, what you are hoping to get out of therapy, and lastly we will co-create concrete goals. You do not need to prepare or bring anything else with you, just be open to the experience and if there are specific things you want to share, make a note to yourself to bring it up during this appointment.

Telehealth: First Therapy Appointment

If you are having your first appointment over video chat or telephone you will be asked to submit your completed forms through a HIPPA compliant portal and you will be walked through that process.

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