How I work

Approach To Therapy

My approach to therapy is grounded in a holistic and feminist, social justice framework. Additionally, I use a trauma-informed lens to address the underlying impact of inter-generational trauma and historical/race based trauma. Some important principles that guide my approach to therapy: 1) developing a strong therapeutic relationship based on mutual respect, collaboration, and shared power, 2) the integration of mind, body and spirit, 3) decolonization work through the exploration of cultures, identities, power dynamics, and the impact of sociopolitical systems on the individual/family, 4) insight oriented to help the person understand their problems, patterns, perspectives and that personal narratives DO NOT develop in a vacuum, but rather within a social context, and 5) Strength-Based, help individuals discover and re-claim their strength and power. Often a break down in our ability to function in our social and relational circles are good indicators that we must address/change something therefore we will spend time exploring who you are in relation to others and examine relational patterns.

I weave energy work, indigenous ancestral wisdom and somatic interventions to complement talk therapy and engage the whole person in their healing process. At times I may suggest that the individual engage in other modes of healing (e.g., yoga, mediation, and culturally relevant spiritual work) outside of our work. I want to acknowledge that I have benefited from the preservation of our ancestral traditions that have survived in spite of colonization thanks to the grandmas and the cultural healers and continue to learn how to integrate these frameworks.

I strongly believe that most people want to live a purposeful life, have meaningful relationships and love themselves. I understand that when we are stuck we sometimes need someone to help us interpret the problem and find solutions. Together, we will develop goals and help you gain skills to better cope and improve your intrapersonal (relationship with self) and relational functioning.

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