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Individual Psychotherapy

Dr. Salgado provides short and long term therapy with adults and families. She typically meets with clients on a weekly basis unless a different frequency is agreed upon. Based on Dr. Salgado’s approach, it is important, particularly at the onset of therapy to consistently meet on a weekly basis. This allows for the development of a strong therapeutic relationship, ability to establish goals and for consistent support during the beginning phase of therapy, which can be difficult for some people. If weekly sessions are not be feasible please inquire about options.

Group Therapy

Group therapy facilitated by Dr. Salgado are process oriented and intended for individuals who want to approach healing from a community perspective in a safe and confidential environment. Therapy groups are designed around a unifying theme/topic. Participants are encouraged to openly share while learning and providing support to one another.

Career Counseling

We have all been there. We graduate from college or graduate school hoping to conquer the world and then we realize that somewhere in that process we lost something. For others, you might be re-thinking your career choice, maybe entertaining the idea of a career change due to a life transition or life circumstance, roles or developmental milestones. Dr. Salgado provides career counseling with an emphasis on helping you reconnect with your passions, interests and strengths and move from a stage of pre-contemplation to one of contemplation and action. She also provides support to individuals struggling with work related stress and developing practical coping skills.

Telehealth, sessions over the phone or video chat are an option. Please specify, if you prefer services through telehealth.

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